Thursday, July 31, 2014

Boracay Escapade - 2014!

Hello 2014!

Finally got back in posting my activities and great experiences on earth – LOL.

I've visited Kalibo/Boracay last week with friends and loved ones and that vacation lasts for 3days and 2nights.

Sorry for the pics, I just grabbed them from Facebook so the quality is quite bad.

Edmund, Me, Mike, Ren, Elaine and Sye

We were able to get a very cheap price of rooms at ERIKOs HOUSE with the help of Ate (i forgot her name) – see below the price rates:

1 pax – P1,000.00
2 pax – P1,200.00
3-4 pax – P1,500.00

If you need assistance with your bookings of rooms and all, check Ate's contact number at the end of this blog, I will also include Kuya Rufino and Kuya John's number. Who are they? Check them out at the end of this post. :)

This is good for 4pax, I just didn't include the other bed.

The room is cozy, cool and it's actually near the beach (though its not beach front ofcourse), you just need to walk less than a minute to reach the shore - good thing is, it is near D'Mall and popular stores, oh and BARSSSSS too.

This was the first time my boyfriend and I traveled by plane and it was his first time riding a plane as well so I guess he was more excited than me.

Upon reaching Boracay, my sis and boyfie enjoyed the powdery white sand, they tried to make a sand castle but it ends with just a sand and no castle. Oh my!

We also enjoyed the Boracay activities such as FLYING FISH and HELMET DIVING.

On our way to the Helmet Diving site.

Though it was an epic fail of riding that FLYING FISH thing because I fell - lesson learned: if you cant hold on anymore, stop and face your fear - let it go, let it go, I cant hold it back anymore. :)

See, I was alone in the middle of that deeeeeeep water. I cant explain the feeling, I feel so helpless and they do not know how they can pick me up from the water back to the flying fish boat.

In the end, the boat man picked me from the sea back to the jetski, he just pulled me through my life jacket. Oh thank you dearest life jacket and to kuya and my boyfriend as well for getting me out of the water.

I won't forget that feeling, I am so scared thinking that something will bite my feet, that feeling was ...sorry I can't explain. :)

Fly Fish - 500pesos each
Helmet Diving - 600pesos each

Good thing was it was low season (July) so everything was cheap and very affordable.
You may want to contact Kuya Rufino, he was the one who set this up for us - the one who gave us very low prices too - check his cp number at the end of this blog :)

It was also an epic fail experience on helmet diving, we thought its easy, but its not! OMG!
It is quite hard to breathe and you will feel uneasy due to minimum amount of air coming from the oxygen.

Oh well, everything was awesome, still! It was so hard to leave Boracay, I love the place, the sea, the people, the weather, the air - everything!

At the airport.

By the way, thanks to Mang Inasal and McDonalds as we stayed there and eat most of the time to keep on our budget. :)

At Mang Inasal - UNLI RIIIIICE!!!!!

At McDonalds :)

With my youngest sister

Total budget, more or less 5,000 to 6,000 pesos each including the airfare, van, food, side trips (which I will post next), drinks and all even our tip to Ate and Kuya's.

Also, you can reach them at:
- Kuya John (for the van, with side trips and free tour) -
0948 401 5833

- Ate (for the hotel reservations, to get huge discounts) -
0910 444 2993

- Kuya Rufino (for the huge discounts on activities) -
0922 917 1602

Boracay: Light vs Dark Clouds

I just wanted to share this shot, this was taken by me last week (July 26, 2014) at the island of Boracay.


I am so amazed with this one, well it is not really pretty good but I am amazed by how I was able to get a shot like this using my S3 camera.

Minutes after, rain poured.

Amazing isnt it?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Broken Anklet/Bracelet (SilverWorks)

Aww, today my anklet turned to be bracelet got broken.
Too bad cause I don't usually visits MarketMarket (located in Taguig) so I am not sure if I can bring this to SilverWorks for repair.

Any idea how much will it cost for repair?

Took this pic yesterday, while its still okay. This was given by my boyfriend as his anniversary gift :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goodbye White Heads, Hello iWhite

It's my habit to visit 7-11 store everyday after work, oh well yeah even before I go to work, hihi - and this morning while searching inside their store, I found this iWhite product from Korea that can help us remove white heads and black heads too.

And so I grab a piece of it and pay it to the cashier and went home as fast as I can since I am so excited to use it again.

Yes, again. Why? Cause I was able to use it before, uhmm years ago. Hahaha.

Before bed time, I took it from my bag and tried it out. Put some on my big nose and below is what it looks like on me, haha, not so good but I still have the guts to show it off here on my blog, ganun talaga, blog ko to e, hihi, walang basagan ng trip, hihi.

After 15-20min, I peeled it off from my skin and saw a lot of so kadiring white heads on it, unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of it, sorry nemeeeen. But trully, that was so eew and infairness its working ha?

I love it.

I'm going to try it again tomorrow. :)

By the way, it costs only 22 pesos. Not bad!

Happy Independence Day Philippines!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pacquiao vs Bradley: An Unbelievable Result

Highlights from a blog posted on YAHOO.

It was different in Las Vegas as two of the three judges assigned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission — CJ Ross and Duane Ford gifted Bradley with a 115-113 scorecard while the third judge Jerry Roth had Pacquiao winning 115-113. It was a robbery that the whole world witnessed. -Ronnie Nathanielsz (Blogger/Writer)

"I respect the decision but I believe 100 percent that I won the fight. The fans in their heart know who won the fight. He hit me with a couple of jabs, but I don't even remember him hitting me a solid punch in my face and — amazing what the result is." -Pacquiao

"I watched his fights, he was an aggressive fighter. But tonight he kept on running and running. I thought he was going toe-to- toe." -Pacquiao

"Manny's a beast. He's got fast hands, he hurt me a couple of times in the fight" -Bradley

Bradley earned $5 million plus a share of the pay per view revenues once the numbers come in while Pacquiao earned a guaranteed $6 million plus a reported additional $20 million spread over 90 days.

"There's three judges out there and that's the way they judged it, so I mean, what do you want me to do? You know what I mean? That's the way they judged it. My corner felt we were winning the fight. I was controlling the action. But like I said, there was three judges out there. Two of them felt I won the fight and that's all I can say on that." -Bradley


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